ADASBench released for testing automotive application processors

December 01, 2015

ADASBench is Kishonti’s new benchmark targeting next-generation application processors used in the automotive industry.  

With the integration of high-performance application processors in cars, intelligent and automated solutions enable the increased comfort and safety of drivers. In order to provide a comprehensive benchmarking tool for embedded application processors of future cars, ADASBench is designed to measure hardware performance with both in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and advanced driver assistance (ADAS)-focused tests. As the first performance benchmark to cover infotainment and ADAS use-cases, ADASBench is developed in cooperation with industry leading semiconductor companies.

ADASBench allows our partners to analyse their hardware solutions with multiple tests:

    ● Virtual Dashboard    
The virtual dashboard visualization tests the real-time rendering performance using OpenGL ES 2.0.    

    ● Video Decode    
Display of high-resolution videos is a widely used feature of IVI systems. Our test measures the decoding time of a prerecorded video stream.

    ● Navigation and Routing    
The aim of this test is to measure the performance of navigation software visualization, using OpenGL ES 2.0.    

    ● ADAS - Collision Avoidance    
Driver assistance systems are based on feature recognition of real-time camera feeds. This is a foundation for lane-keeping, emergency breaking and collision avoidance features. Our test measures the processing power of the device while detecting lanes and cars. Processing is using GPU acceleration with OpenCL 1.1 and CUDA.    

    ● Composite test    
The most intensive test of ADASBench, running all individual tests independently of each other. It stresses multiple aspects of the device to expose possible bottlenecks.


ADASBench 1.0 is already available for licensing as part of the ADASBench Development Program. Currently under development, ADASBench 2.0 focuses on more advanced graphics workloads and neural networks-based image processing.

About Kishonti Ltd.

Kishonti Ltd. is a leading specialist in high-performance graphics and compute solutions. In the past decade we have been working together with leaders of the semiconductor and consumer electronics market listed among top ranking technology companies of the NASDAQ-100.



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