The first benchmark to test your device with game-like content with Android Extension Pack features.


CompuBench measures the compute performance of your device – running all major APIs: OpenCL, OpenGL ES Compute, CUDA and Metal!


Compare the compute performance of desktop and mobile devices with CompuBench!
CompuBench is the first parallel compute benchmark that enables desktop to mobile performance comparison.


First professional compute benchmark for Android RenderScript


Performance Analysis Software


ADASBench and CompuBench demonstrated at IWOCL
Apr 20, 2016

The Kishonti team showcases benchmarks focusing on OpenCL performance measurement at the International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL), the annual conference of the OpenCL community discussing API designs, trends, algorithms and programming models.

GFXBench 5 Aztec Ruins scene debuts at GDC for Vulkan API
Mar 15, 2016

The next version of GFXBench allows to measure performance with using new low-level APIs and introduces VR testing mode.

GFXBench Metal available on El Capitan
Jan 25, 2016

GFXBench Metal tests Apple's low-level graphics and compute API now on both OS X and iOS devices. 

GFXBench 4.0 released for Linux
Jan 20, 2016

GFXBench 4.0 is now available for testing OpenGL performance of desktop GPUs with Linux.