The SDK to develop instantly available location-based applications

Including features such as global map coverage, automatic map updating and a ready-to-use reference application, NaviGenie 2.0 is a powerful tool for developers wishing to create leading edge location-based applications. NaviGenie revolutionizes the distribution of map data to end users of location-based applications.

NaviGenie combines the advantages of on-board and off-board maps and provides instant access to worldwide maps via a network of cloud-based servers. Consumers can use their application immediately after installing a small size client. NaviGenie also lets the client application store a local copy of the downloaded map which can be used without network connection. Thus, applications developed with NaviGenie are ready to be used whenever and wherever their customers need them. All the maps are updated automatically, which helps both developers and users avoid regular application upgrades and painfully long downloads. The SDK also includes a full-featured, multi-platform reference application (InstantMap) with source code. This can be immediately utilized as a starting point.

The core NaviGenie libraries were developed in portable C++ and have been ported and tested on all major platforms - such as Android, iOS, Linux, Symbian and Windows. The SDK provides user interface objects for iOS devices - iPad, iPhone and iPad - to enable instant intagration of NaviGenie into view-based Objective-C applications.

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