NaviGenie SDK 3.0 released

October 15, 2013

NaviGenie 3.0 allows you to use one unified API for all supported platforms and integrate your own dynamic data such as 3D buildings or road networks easier into the map. 

NaviGenie 3.0 is a major upgrade to our multi-platform navigation SDK that features more possibilities to customize your location-based app than ever. NaviGenie 3.0 introduces a new, unified API for various programming languages and platforms and enables to integrate dynamic custom content that works with the internal routing engine. The more flexible SDK caters to the various needs of developers who aim to create unique and specialized location-based apps.

What’s new in NaviGenie 3.0?

Build apps for all platforms with less effort:  NaviGenie 3.0 provides one unified, easy-to-use and well-documented API for all supported programming languages and platforms. The simplified API makes the learning curve of the SDK much shorter and enables to develop applications to multiple platforms in a time and cost-effective way.

Supported platforms:

  • iOS 5/6/7 (uses C++ API Objective-C)
  • Android Arm/x86: Java API 
  • Windows 7/8 Desktop C++ and C# API 
  • Windows CE 5/6: C++ and C# API (CF 3.5) 

  • Add and integrate your own dynamic content easily: With the help of the industry standard GDAL/OGR vector library, the NaviGenie SDK is able to create run-time custom content and import any data supported by the OGR library to the map: 

  • From hiking trails to industrial areas, custom road networks can now be added in run-time and the SDK’s internal route engine enables to perform routing on them as well! 
  • 3D buildings (WaveFront OBJ) 
  • POIs (points of interests) 

  • Customize the map view: NaviGenie 3.0 introduces improved camera model customization 

  • Fine-control which layers of the base map is displayed 
  • Apply SQL visibility filters to POIs or custom content 

  • Bugfixes, performance improvements 

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