NaviGenie SDK 2.3 released

October 19, 2012

NaviGenie SDK 2.3 released with faster and more responsive pan and zoom, sharpened coastlines and full Unicode font support!

NaviGenie SDK 2.3 is available now with brand new features that intensely enhance the user experience of apps built with NaviGenie SDK.

Major new features

  • Tile loading performance boost and multi-threaded optimizations enable faster and more responsive pan and zoom
  • Enhanced font-rendering: map labels are displayed using the entire Unicode character set (including CJK: Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
  • Sharp and precise coastlines
  • Multi-language support for city names on the world-map
  • NGSF (NaviGenie Simple Feature) support in the Java API – makes adding own data to the maps easier
  • Availability

    NaviGenie SDK is available for download at

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