NaviGenie SDK launched

February 16, 2011

The award winning NaviGenie 3D SDK provides easy integration of on-board, off-board and mixed mode location based services

Off the shelf solution for mobile LBS

Kishonti Informatics, the world leader in mobile performance optimization services launches public NaviGenie SDK which provides all of the fundamental location based features such as maps, routing, geocoding, address lookup and search.

High-end performance, low power

Using a hardware accelerated 3D map visualization engine NaviGenie is already a proven platform for future high-end, fully realistic map formats. Besides providing high performance map rendering NaviGenie has important power saving features to extend battery life.

Map compatibility

NaviGenie is compatible with all major map vendors (including Navteq, TomTom and OpenStreetMaps) and all major map formats (Collada, GDF, KML, OBJ, ODF, RDF, SHP, VRML, X3D, etc). Static and dynamic user defined datasets can be added and composited with multiple map layers.

On-board, off-board and mixed mode

Thanks the highly compressed, network optimized NaviGenie map format, on-board and off-board datasets can be used parallelly and inter-changeably. The SDK can switch between datasources real-time, whichever is more efficient. This creates endless possibilities, like incremental map updates without disrupting functionality or small initial application size with full functionality from the first moment.

Platform compatibility and integration

NaviGenie is compatible with all native platforms including Android, iOS, Linux, Meego and Windows. Full user interface integration is already provided for iOS and coming soon for Android.

SDK availability and pricing

NaviGenie SDK is available for download with full documentation, tutorials and example code. NaviGenie can be licensed with highly flexible terms, for more information please contact

About Kishonti Informatics

Kishonti Informatics is a leading specialist in mobile performance optimization software technologies and a worldwide leader in mobile performance analytics and mobile phone benchmarking. Its performance optimization, software development capabilities and its testing tools and benchmarking services are widely used by wireless network operators, phone manufacturers, game developers and enthusiastic consumers worldwide.

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