July 24, 2014

CompuBench CL 1.5 Desktop Edition released
CompuBench CL 1.5 Desktop Edition is available for Windows and OS X.
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February 27, 2014

MWC 2014: CompuBench RS released
CompuBench RS is now available for download on Google Play.
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January 25, 2014

GFXBench 3.0 for iOS out
The iOS version of GFXBench 3.0 is now available for download. 
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January 23, 2014

Kishonti Launches Most Advanced 3D Graphics Benchmark for Mobile
GFXBench 3.0 is the first comprehensive cross-platform OpenGL ES 3 benchmark designed for measuring graphics performance, render quality and power consumption in a single, easy-to-use application.

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October 15, 2013

NaviGenie SDK 3.0 released
NaviGenie 3.0 allows you to use one unified API for all supported platforms and integrate your own dynamic data such as 3D buildings or road networks easier into the map. 
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September 03, 2013

Kishonti Ltd. joins HSA Foundation
Kishonti Ltd. joins HSA Foundation as a supporter member. 
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August 27, 2013

GFXBench 2.7 now available on Amazon.com!
GFXBench 2.7, our cross-platform and cross-API 3D graphics benchmark is now available on Amazon.com!
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